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What are the benefits of using handmade soaps ?

Handmade soaps usually have natural ingredients. Since it is free from chemicals, there are no side effects on skin like dryness, itchiness etc. Our soaps are sulphate and Paraben free so the skin does not loose its natural moisture and the natural texture of skin is maintained and enhanced.  

Can Handmade soap be used for sensitive skin?

Absolutely!. Usually using chemical based soaps causes dryness, itchiness, redness and sometimes boils if used on sensitive skin. But our handmade soaps are made from cold pressed oils and best herbs to suit all skin types, even sensitive skin. It cleanses the skin without stripping off its natural moisture and added herbs helps in healing of sensitive skin.

Which soaps are best for oily skin ?

Handmade soaps like charcoal, neem tulsi, aloevera, red wine all suits very well with oily skin. 

Which soaps are best for dry skin ?

Almost all our soaps has natural moisturizing action. Preferred soaps for dry skin are honey-shea butter, aloevera, Rose-Goatmilk, Neem tulsi etc.

Can face scrub cause acne ?

A face scrub is an important skin care routine to exfoliate your skin to revitalise and remove all dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation will help to make the skincare products more effective as they can penetrate deep into the skin. However, over exfoliation can strip your skin of its natural oils causing breakouts. It can also cause skin irritations and inflammations, leading to accelarated ageing. Over scrubbing can also disrupt the topmost skin layer – making skin sensitive to UV rays and getting rashes, sunburns etc. Also, the scrubs can block pores and cause whiteheads and infections.

Can face scrub be used on lips ?

You must not use a face scrub for your lips, as the skin on your lips are very sensitive and the scrub can be very harsh on it. You will get a milder lip scrub which you can use. Natural sugar based lip scrubs work well to treat dry lips.

Can face scrub clear pimples ?

Our skin naturally exfoliates dead skin cells, but for people with pimples this natural process will not work effectively. Face scrubs help in eliminating excessive oil, dirt & pollution and give a clear smooth skin. They also open pores that prevent excessive oil production, thus fighting pimples.

Which face wash is best for combination skin ?

With combination skin, you can use different face wash for morning and night care routine – so that it helps to take care of oily and dryness of the skin equally. Face wash with natural ingredients like neem, aloe etc are good for combination skin.

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